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Kickboxingplanet is one of the biggest online news platforms about kickboxing. Through this website fans can keep up with the latest Interviews, promo’s, fights, highlights, podcasts or articles in the world of kickboxing. We’re covering around 8 to 10 promotions on a daily basis as well as over 100 professional fighters.

With the help of our world wide contributors, we try to bring the news with lighting speed and accuracy. All the people that are working for, or around Kickboxingplanet, are fans with a big passion for our sport. Next to all the contributors, we also have an own video editing team and film crew. The website is made by kickboxing fans from The Netherlands for kickboxing fans world wide.

Kickboxingplanet TV is the video part of the website. We try to produce as many entertaining videos as we can on a monthly basis. Till so far: highlights, documentaries, interviews and promo videos. Click here to go to our Vimeo Channel, or here to go to our YouTube Channel.

If you want us to make a video for yourself or your company just contact us, by sending an e-mail to kickboxingplanet@gmail.com or go to our contact page. There’s also the possibility to upload a video by your choice, like a product review or any other video you can think of. Sponsor possibilities are also an option, just let us know.

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  • Try to educate all people about kickboxing.
  • Try to promote the sport in a good way.
  • Try to change the negative image kickboxing often has.
  • Try to professionalize the sport.
  • Try to become the main kickboxing website on the internet.