Benjamin Adegbuyi explained why, his training buddy and GLORY heavyweight champion, Rico Verhoeven, would have won the ‘Collision’ with Badr Hari, regardless of the broken arm that sustained by Hari in the second round which, resulted in a TKO win for Rico, in an anti-climatic ending to, GLORY Collision in Germany on December 10.

In recent months, Adegbuyi started training at Superpro Sportscenter in the Netherlands (prior to GLORY 35) under head coach and owner, Dennis Krauweel who, is also Verhoeven’s coach. Although Rico had twice defeated Adegbuyi in the past, all three men were able to easily agree to “Mr Gentleman” joining the team.

Adegbuyi had played the role of Badr Hari in sparring with Rico Verhoeven in his preparation for ‘Collision’ which, involved Adegbuyi studying Badr’s fighting styles in more detail. It also resulted in Adegbuyi causing the split on Rico’s nose two weeks before Rico vs Badr which, was reopened by Hari when he clashed with the “King of kickboxing”. So, its fair to say that Adegbuyi has good isight into both fighters especially Verhoeven.

“Yeah, Badr Hari was doing great in the first round. Maybe he would win the fight but I saw  different things. I saw, already starting to breath very heavy at the corner. Didn’t have air. Second round Rico was finding his pace. So yeah, a rematch will be nice for kickbox you know.”

However, that wasn’t all that Adegbuyi had to say about Badr Hari, having previously called out the “Golden Boy” in the build up-to ‘Collision’ last month. When asked about a potential fight with Hari in the new year now that Rico had defeated Badr, “Mr Gentleman” was confident about how he’d defeat Hari:

“I’m ready for anybody. I can definitely knock him out.”

Some serious fighting talk from the polite Romanian heavyweight who, also called out Gökhan Saki, after “The Rebel” had demanded a rematch with Verhoeven via Twitter yesterday. Click here to watch the full video podcast with Benjamin Adegbuyi.

The new year for the GLORY heavyweight division is heading into very exciting times for kickboxing fans and no doubt it will be interesting to see if and when Adegbuyi gets to fight both a returning Saki and Hari in 2017 too.



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