Russian best welterweight kickboxer, Alexander Stetsurenko have a great year. He won every single fight becoming W5 world champion and Kunlun Fight tournament winner. We had a pleasure to spoke with Alex and he said that Kunlun is among the best organizations in the world, Holzken did not lose to Doumbe in his opinion and he wants to avange hiss loses to Paul Daley and Zakaria Baitar.

KP: Hello Aleksandr! I want to congratulate You on Your big win in Kunlun tournament. What in Your opinion was the key to victory?

Stetsurenko: Hi to all kickboxing fans and thanks for congratulations. I was very well prepared for last Kunlun tournament and that was the main reason why I was succeed. I was very excited to participate in this tournament and my mind was only on winning the tourney. I was so focused on that and I was afraid to lose and that mindset prevented me from losing the fights.

KP: You fought for Glory and You are W5 world champion. How You can place Kunlun among the best kickboxing organizations in the world?

Stetsurenko: In my opinion Kunlun is very strong organization and I can compare it with only the best in the world. They produce their shows on the highest level and they sign with best fighters all over the world. I hope they will continue to grow in that pace and they establish Kunlun Fight as the best organization in the world. I think it will happen sooner than later.

KP: You had great year. What is Your plans for 2017?

Stetsurenko: Yes this year was a very successful for me as a fighter. I hope next year will be even better in all aspects not only sports. Besides of fighting I play with my band and I want to try write some songs. I draw in leisure time and I think that hobby will grow into something more.

KP: Please tell me what is Your recipe to be one of the best kickboxers in the world?

Stetsurenko: In my opinion the recipe for success is to stay in best shape as You could between competitions. You need to fight on the strong tournaments If You want to get better and better as a fighter. Mental preparation is very important also. You need to be self-confident and You need to consider Yourself as a best fighter in the world. You can only be the best in that way.

KP: I look in Your fight history and there are guys like Paul Daley, Nieky Holzken, Artem Vakhitov and more. Would You like to avenge Your losses in 2017 or You aim on other fighters?

Stetsurenko: I have desire to fight everybody who is considered as a top fighter in the world in my category. I can fight under 77 and under 80 kgs division. I am a fighter and I want to avenge my losses to Paul Daley, Zakaria Baitar. I am not going to gain on the weight so You will not see me fighting Artem Levin or Artem Vakhitov.

KP: You are 33 years old now. Do You know what You will do when You will hang up Your gloves?

Stetsurenko: Like You said I am not going to do kickboxing for many years because I am 33 years old now. I have some plans for my sports career but I am sure that I will be active on my retirement. I like to train and I think everybody needs to stay in good shape no matter what.

KP: Russian president, Vladimir Putin is big combat sports fan. Does it mean kickboxing is very popular in Russia?

Stetsurenko: Kickboxing is not Olympic sport so it not well developed in Russia. I hope it will change in the future but to do so the biggest organizations like Kunlun and Glory have to held their shows in my country. Only with big events kickboxing could gain mainstream attention. Boxing and MMA are very popular in Russia because that sports has TV deals and that is the path to success for promoters.

KP: Glory has new 77kg champ, Cedric Doumbe. Do You think he will remain on top?

Stetsurenko: In my opinion Nieky Holzken won against Cedric. What I can say, everybody could lose and everybody could have his own opinion about that. Judges said tgat Cedric won and now he is the best fighter in that division in Glory. I think he can stay on top for the while but in fighting business things could change very fast and You will never know how each fight could end. At last I want to wish everybody happy new year!