Lukasz Plawecki is fighting Since 2006. He used to be a successful amateur fighter but four years ago he turned pro. In 2016 he was fighting for King of Kings, Thai Boxe Mania, MFC and Kunlun Fight. In Asia he was the runner-up in a tough elimination tournament. He lost in the final after two extra rounds with local fighter Tian Xin.

On the 3rd of December Plawecki took a chance and agree to fight in a five round bout for the World Kickboxing Network World Champion title. He took the belt after dominating Lello Perego from Belgium. Plawecki is placed on the first place in the Polish male kickboxers ranking.

After very successful year 29-years old fighter from Poland get a chance to fight for Glory Kickboxing. On 24th of February he will fight in Chicago ale Glory 38. His opponent is not confirmed yet.

Interview: Lukasz Plawecki

KP: Lukasz, you are #1 in Polish male kickboxers ranking right now. Lightweight is popular weight all over the world. How it is in Poland?

Plawecki: Yes, I worked hard for this honor. There is a lot great fighters in Poland and even if we didn’t compete each others, author of ranking took our fights, checked who we used to fight with and I believe this #1 is truly deserved. I was fighting for KOK, MFC and Kunlun last year. I’m not refusing to fight anyone. If Mr. Cor would ask me to fight Sittihai – I would agree. This is our job – to fight. Not to choose the easy way.

KP: You have lost to Superbon 2015. He is on 10 wins streak now and many believe that he is one of the finest lightweight fighters in the world. Over a year after – do you fell strong enough to get rematch with Thai fighter?

Plawecki: This Thai is a monster. I took few huge knees in this fight but I’m a highlander. We are not giving up. As I said – I’m not calculating. Look at my Wikipedia. I did not choose any of my fight, no matter I won or lost. I believe that I’m good enough to give an equal fight with anybody. I believe in myself. I train hard every day, travel a lot (Holland, Thailand, another gyms in Poland) to improve myself and my skills. So if you ask my about rematch with Superbon – Yes, I would love to try.

KP: You are second Polish fighter singed by Glory. Kickboxing is very popular in your country and you are huge (about 40 mln people) country. How it is that there is not so many Polish successful fighters in Europe?

Plawecki: Look at Poland, Ukraine, Belarus… All post-soviet nations are incredibly strong in amateur sports like kickboxing and boxing. We have hundreds world champions, European champions and everyone all over the world knows that if you are going to fight Polish guy on amateur tournament you will have a hard game. But amateur sport is totally different. That’s why there is not so many Polish successful kickboxers in major leagues. Because being good at amateur is not the same as being good in pro fighting.

KP: In July you will fight on Glory. Is it a big step in your career? Tell us more about your “road to Glory”.

Plawecki: Yes it is HUGE step in my career. I was fighting for Kunlun in Asia, for KOK in Europe so I’m ok with fighting on big events. I was looking for new challenges so I decided to try. I was in Hemmers Gym few times to train, my friends Lukas Banach and Pawel Jedrzejczyk helped me a lot to get there. Mr. Cor gave me a chance and I’m not going to fail. Hope I will get a chance to fight in main card soon. I’m lucky enough to have very good sponsors – that’s very important if you want to fight on the highest level.



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