One of Glory’s most interesting, punishing fighters is back for GLORY 31 Amsterdam as the crowd pleaser Zack Mwekassa returns to face Mourad Bouzidi for the interim Glory Light Heavyweight Championship. Bouzidi was to face current champion Artem Vakhitov, who withdrew due to injury.

Mwekassa has been near Glory gold before getting outpointed by Saulo Calavari at Glory Dynamite 1. As he continues to harness his craft could we be looking at the Mwekassa era at Light Heavyweight?

GLORY 31 Amsterdam Interview: Zack Mwekassa

KP: You are jumping right back in the ring facing a tough Mourad Bouzidi at GLORY 31 Amsterdam, how would you compare him to Saulo Cavalari?

Mwekassa: “Cavalari and Bouzidi fought once before and if I have good memory the fight ended in a devastating fashion.”

KP: Bombs and Drama is your calling card toward your fans, what should Bouzidi expect more of at GLORY 31 Amsterdam?

Mwekassa: “Bombs and drama really defines me perfectly. I don’t walk into a ring looking to win fights. I go in there thinking; by the time I get off this ring, the spectators must say wow what a %!8ing machine… when can we see him again? It just feels like whenever an event is not looking flashy enough or need some horse power Glory calls upon Bombs and Drama to bring the chills. For me it means no holidays, no weekends as you just never know when they could be asking me to come punch someone hard in the face. Ooh…I mean no disrespect but am not worried about Bouzidi as I have more worrying issues that I am traversing in my life right now. I will see him in Amsterdam when his time comes.”

KP: Your life story has been well documented and is amazing story to say the least, what is something that fans should know about Zack, when he’s just hanging out with his friends on a regular day?

Mwekassa: “Zack has no friends… ok I have one friend and that’s the guy with whom I have shared a blanket when I was still sleeping on the floor in a foreign country. It’s hard to find genuine people. People who will love and stand by you through the challenges of life, life is very exciting at the moment as I am presently doing motivational events. Oh yes I am a public speaker, and inspirational motivator. I am invited to Ivory Coast where I will be speaking to entrepreneurs and young aspiring men. I think I am slowly but surely finding my purpose on earth.”

KP: Fast forward through your next three fights, where do you expect to be?

Mwekassa: “Defending Glory Light Heavyweight Champion of the World. Whoever stands in my way will get hurt or will have to run and hold like Cavalari.”

KP: Obviously you are an absolute terror with your fists, how do you feel the leg kicks are coming along?

Mwekassa: “I have been doing 1,000 kicks each leg every day. I have added Tae Kwando to my Kickboxing regime and trust me I am excited for Amsterdam. DO NOT BLINK.”