GLORY 32 Virginia marks the return of one of the most popular Glory fighters in the United Kingdom’s Chi Lewis-Parry, better known to some as “The Chopper.”

Lewis-Parry has a 2-1 Glory record and is 6-1 overall. Out of action since the Glory 21 Heavyweight Tournament with an injury, the Chopper is anxious to return to the ring. He headlines the Super Fight Series on UFC Fight Pass against American Maurice Greene.


GLORY 32 Virginia Interview: Chi Lewis-Parry

KP: You have been one of the most charismatic fighters on the Glory brand, does that come naturally?

Chopper: “Everything you see with me is just part of my makeup. I’ve always been an energetic character. I’m just not afraid to speak my mind and I think that’s the difference.”

KP: Your last big time fight came in the Glory 21 Heavyweight Qualification tournament, what did you learn from the loss to Xavier Vigney?

Chopper: “Losing that fight was probably the best possible outcome for me. Being an undefeated fighter prior to that match up, the mystery of knowing how I’d handle a loss was always lingering. I learned that I can lose a fight and it doesn’t affect me mentally in the slightest.  I have a cast iron psyche.”

KP: What do you think of your opposition Maurice Greene?

Chopper: “In all fairness the pirate is a tough guy. He showed that against Anderson Silva, but come Friday night, that bitch is walking the plank!”

KP: Imagine yourself in 2018, where is Chi Lewis-Parry?

Chopper: “In 2018 I will have taken over your whole house! I’ll be on your flat screen in your living room, on a poster in your kid’s room, on your cereal box in your kitchen & in your bedroom via my authentically sculpted “ADULT” playtime apparatus. *laughing*”

KP: What do you want the fans to know about “The Chopper?”

Chopper: “The biggest thing I want people to know is that behind all the showmanship and skullduggery, I am a man like any man. I am where I’m at today because I never stopped trying. It’s been a very tough journey getting here and anyone that knows me personally will agree. I just never quit. I love performing for the people that love to watch! So you can always expect me to give my all.”