The headliner of the GLORY 32 Virginia card is Serhiy Adamchuk vs. Gabriel Varga II, for the Glory Featherweight Championship.

Both men want a clear winner this time around and I talked to former champion Varga about what he expects from the rematch.


GLORY 32 Virginia Interview: Gabriel Varga

KP: It’s never fun to lose a championship, but the first fight with Adamchuk had to sting even more, what can you tell us about the first fight?

Varga: “I felt terrible in that fight. I’m so used to feeling completely in control and having the fight go differently made me think I did awful. Then I watched the fight and realized it was very close.  There were definitely changes I should have made after the second round. But I got too caught up with the excessive clinching and wasn’t using my head. “

KP: Do you feel the similar styles between the two of you make it a more difficult matchup, or does that not make a difference?

Varga: “I wouldn’t say we have similar styles.  I do think styles make fights. For example, Artem Levin and Simon Marcus are both exciting fighters to watch.  But when they compete against each other it isn’t fan friendly. Adamchuk and I don’t mesh great together. But we are both at the top of the featherweight division so another fight is in order.”

KP: What will be the difference this time for you?

Varga: “Just like every time I put in the work during training camp. That’s most important to me.  But I have worked on a few new things to add to my arsenal for GLORY 32. I think you always have to stick to what got you to this point. And then you add some extra to make you a smarter and more dangerous opponent.”

KP: What’s the first fight you would want after regaining the championship?

Varga: “I’d like to see a contender tournament. Mosab Amrani and I are the only two featherweights to win the 4-man tournament.  But I’m not concerned about that at this point. I’m focused on my title fight.”

KP: In your opinion what is the greatest kickboxing match you have ever seen?

Varga: “I have 3 fights I really enjoy. But they are more technical fights and not many knockdowns. Masato vs Kraus 2, Buakaw vs Drago, Masato vs Souwer.”