One of the most anticipated debuts in awhile takes place at GLORY 32 Virginia as Pavel Zhuravlev enters the Glory Light Heavyweight Contender tournament.

The Ukrainian star has a 69-10 record in his career and has faced some familiar names that currently reside in the Glory kickboxing roster.


GLORY 32 Virginia Interview: Pavel Zhuravlev

KP: Being that this is your first fight in Glory, what should the fans know about you?

Zhuravlev: “Despite the fact that this is my first fight in Glory, but it’s not my first fight at all. I think that the fans of me know (I’m fighting) and those who do not know me, we meet July 22.”

KP: Some of your 69 wins have come against some familiar Glory Light Heavyweight faces (Gokhan Saki and Saulo Cavalari) obviously you want to win the tournament and get a title shot. What are your expectations and is there anyone you want to fight in the division?

Zhuravlev: “Yes, I want to be the champion of Glory. I think that this is a normal desire for any fighter to be the best. And if you want to be the best and fight with the best must (be) in Glory. (Glory) has rated fighters, and I think that will change a bit of it.”

KP: Imagine its 2018, where is Pavel Zhuravlev at in Glory kickboxing?

Zhuravlev: “On the most important advertising poster! Like that option?”

KP: What is a fight you would recommend people watch of yours to see you at your best?

Zhuravlev: “If people like kickboxing, and they love the people who treat their business responsibly and professionally – we are with them on the same wavelength. They will look for the fights.”

KP: How much do you know about your opponent Ariel Machado?

Zhuravlev: “I do not know much about Ariel Machado. But the fact that he has a desire to win, and there is fire in his eyes makes me respect him. I treat it seriously.”