On October 21st, Glory will air live from Denver, Colorado for their 34th event. This is going to be the 3rd time, GLORY organizes an event in Denver. Though, this is definitively going to be their best show yet. GLORY 34 will be headlined by two epic bouts: Nieky Holzken will take on Murthel Groenhart for the welterweight title and Gabriel Varga will fight Robin van Roosmalen (who dropped in weight) for the featherweight title. Click here for all future bout betting of all the fighters and other sports.



Nieky Holzken vs. Murthel Groenhart

The main event of the evening will be a Dutch Style clash, as Nieky and Murthel collide for the 3rd time already. Past two fights where very close, but both went in favor of Holzken. Some say Groenhart got robbed for 2 times already. I personally don’t think that’s the case. Both fights where extremely hard to judge. After watching their second fight over and over, I think I would’ve given it to Groenhart as well though. In their last fight he was just a little cleaner in my opinion.

Nevertheless, both fights where very enjoyable to watch. Nieky showed some lightning fast hand combinations including some hard lowkicks, while Murthel used a lot of straight punches combined with some sharp knees. During this fight we’ve seen some nice combos from time to time…

Murthel Groenhart (NLD)

Murthel Groenhart fought 4 times in 2016. 3 fights in Glory and 1 at Kunlun Fight in China. His opponents where: Oliveira, Benmansour, Kongolo and Kyshenko (which he lost).  Kyshenko really looks like a beast at the moment, he put on a lot of muscle and still looks very sharp. Wouldn’t mind seeing him in Glory again!

Nieky Holzken (NLD)

Nieky Holzken fought his last fight against Yoann Kongolo for the Glory Welterweight Title in Copenhagen. This was also his only fight in 2016 yet. Most people expected an easy win for Holzken, but it wasn’t easy at all. Kongolo gave Holzken a hard time, he really needed to work for it. I think (and hope), Groenhart vs. Holzken III is going to be a copy of their first 2 fights.

My Prediction: Murthel Groenhart by Decision.



Gabriel Varga vs. Robin van Roosmalen

Gabriel Varga vs. Robin van Roosmalen will be an extraordinary fight in many ways. First of all van Roosmalen isn’t a featherweight kickboxer but a lightweight kickboxer who has dropped in weight for this title fight. Second of all, Robin get’s an immediate title shot since he was the #1 ranked kickboxer in the Glory lightweight division. Current champ of the that division is Sittichai Sitsongpeenong from which he lost at GLORY 31 Amsterdam.

Robin van Roosmalen and Gabriel Varga have a very different fighting style. Varga is a complete fighter who has got some karate influence in his game. But his greatest weapon is probably his stamina, it looks like this guy can fight for 10 rounds without showing any form of exhaustion. Robin is a smaller guy with power in his hands and lighting fast hand-lowkick combinations, typical Dutch style. I think it’s going to be an interesting fight to watch for the audience.

Gabriel Varga (CAN)

Gabriel Varga will be the only non-Dutch fighter of the two main events. He fought 2 times in 2016 thus far and was victorious in both of them. In january this year he fought against Liu Wei at Hero Legends in China. Gabriel managed to win this fight by unanimous decision. His second fight took place at GLORY 32 Virginia, in which he fought against Serhiy Adamchuk. Massive respect for winning this one, Adamchuk is a very big talent in the sport! Gabriel managed to win this one by majority decision.

Robin van Roosmalen (NLD)

Robin van Roosmalen also fought twice in 2016 and like I mentioned before, he fought against Sittichai for the lightweight title in Amsterdam which he lost by points. In my opinion this wasn’t completely fair… van Roosmalen had some trouble with Sittichai in the 1st and 2nd round, but I definitely gave the other 3 rounds to Robin without a doubt. Their first fight in 2015 ended with a decision win for van Roosmalen. Both fights where very hard to judge, now the score is 1-1 between the Thai and the Dutch. I personally can’t wait for a 3rd episode of van Roosmalen vs. Sittichai.

I personally think two fights in a years isn’t enough, he fought good though against Sittichai and he’s still training hard so I don’t think this is going to have any effect on his upcoming fight. Next to that, Robin also made his MMA debut in Februari. He won that fight by KO in round 2. The event was called FFC 22 and held in Greece by Final Fight Championship.

If you ask the fans, they would probably say something like this: “It can go either way, or Robin wins by KO or Varga by decision…”

It is a hard call, but I think Varga hasn’t felt the power and explosive hands of Robin before in his career. Van Roosmalen already showed, he can fight a 5-round fight without a problem. Is Varga going to shock the world again?!

My Prediction: Robin van Roosmalen by decision.



GLORY 34 Denver: Fight Card

Welterweight World Title Fight:

  • Nieky Holzken (NLD) vs. Murthel Groenhart (NLD)

Co-Headline Event:

  • Dustin Jacoby (USA) vs. TBA

Middleweight Tournament:

  • Israel Adesanya (AUS) vs. Robert Thomas (CAN)
  • Yousri Belgaroui (NLD) vs. Alex Pereira (BRA)

GLORY Superfight Series

Featherweight World Title Fight:

  • Gabriel Varga (CAN) vs. Robin van Roosmalen (NLD)


  • Michael Mathatha (ZBW) vs. Richard Abraham (USA)
  • Saulo Cavalari (BRA) vs. Brian Douwes (NLD)
  • Casey Greene (USA) vs. Tongchai Sitsongpeenong (THA)
  • Justin Houghton (USA) vs. Jonathon Wyderko (USA)