Israel Adesanya is exactly the type of fighter Glory needs, quotable, exciting style and most important of all, winning. Adesanya took the Glory 34 middleweight tournament title and now gets his shot at champion Jason Wilnis at Glory 37 Los Angeles.

I had a chance to speak to the guy known to fans as Style Bender and he didn’t disappoint.

GLORY 37 Los Angeles Interview – Israel Adesanya

KP: I absolutely loved your post fight interview after winning the Glory 34 middleweight tournament in Denver. It’s rare an athlete can sound so genuine and real, it was a breath of fresh air, is that just a look inside who you really are?

Adesanya: My post fight interview lol…I was just being honest. It was refreshing to have so many strangers be nice to me. But yea I’m not one to give the cliché text book answers, I’m always gonna say how I feel even if people don’t like it.

KP: Jason Wilnis worked a long time to get his hands on Glory gold, why will you take it from him in his first title defense?

Adesanya: Because he truly has never faced a fighter or a team of my caliber. I’m not like the rest of them, everyone wants to think they are different…but I truly am. They all have the same style, I bend through styles. They all get stuck like a deer in the headlights when it’s time to go live!

KP: What do you bring to the Glory ring that no one else can?

Adesanya: Like I said, I’m different. The way I carry myself, my fight flow, my style can’t be duplicated. I’m like a glitch in the matrix. I’m a fight intellectual everything I do has a specific designed purpose, if your standing in a particular position in the ring its because I want you to be their, if your reacting a particular way its because I want you to react that way its a level of understanding that 99% of fighters don’t have. I like taking the piss out of the formalities cause at the end of the day we are two men going to war……nothing posh about that.

KP: You tweeted that you want to be Glory champ then UFC Middleweight Champion, do you see yourself holding both at the same time?

Adesanya: I don’t know if that will happen at the same time, cause the UFC don’t normally let fighters fight elsewhere. But you know what, I’m deciding right now…I’m gonna do it. If Dana will let Conor fight Floyd, I’m sure he’ll let me go back and claim the Glory Title after I claim the UFC one.

KP: Imagine it’s one year from now, what is Israel Adesanya up to?

Adesanya: A year from now………running this game, cashing cheques.



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