The anticipation is building as Glory Collision gets underway on December 10th. Badr Hari can’t wait for his main event tilt with Glory Heavyweight Champion Rico Verhoeven. I had a chance to talk to Badr and he was his usual entertaining self.

GLORY Collision Oberhausen – Badr Hari Interview

KP: Rico is everything the kickboxing media wants; the talent, the looks and the results. Sitting from where you are, how much do you enjoy being “the bad guy” in this story?

Hari: I am just Badr! People have the right to their opinion. Who did he fight? So there are no good results. That debates his talent. And the looks?

KP: Obviously you believe you will win this fight, but give us a play by play of how it’s going down in Germany?

Hari: If I don’t believe in me winning that fight. Than I wouldn’t do it. The tactics are a secret off course but he will end up on his back. 

KP: Now here is the million dollar question that fans want to know, what made you walk off the set at the Glory Press Conference?

Hari: Why not? There is no fight so no Staredown! I thought it was a press conference not Staredown City. 

KP: There was a great photo of you going around the social media world, where you seemed to be staring swords through Rico, what was going through your mind?

Hari: I don’t know what photo you mean. Sorry. Throughout this whole training camp we made more than 100.000 wonderful photos. Those are telling my side of the story of this fight. 

KP: Lastly, you believe you will KO Rico, how much begging would Glory have to do, to make the second fight for the title?

Hari: That has nothing to do with begging. At the end of the day it is just business as always. Glory knows it and so do we.