GLORY Collision marks the biggest event in the company’s history and one of the biggest kickboxing main events of all time. Glory Heavyweight Champion Rico Verhoeven looks to make it 12 straight victories against the legendary Badr Hari.

Verhoeven has looked like the heir to the kickboxing throne but Hari represents a massive challenge and one that the champion is excited to undertake. I had a chance to talk to the Dutch star as he prepares for the biggest fight of his career.

GLORY Collision Oberhausen – Rico Verhoeven Interview

KP: Rico, you are what people would call the poster boy for the company, the talent, the looks and the results. Now sitting across from you is the bad boy of kickboxing, how does a guy who is so relaxed view guys like Badr Hari?

Verhoeven: The same as all the others, just a guy with 2 arms and 2 legs – nothing more, nothing less.

KP: At the press conference after Badr stormed off, you seemed amused, what was going through your mind?

Verhoeven: For me it was like….aahh ok that is what he was working to with that whole act he was putting up.

KP: This is a massive fight for kickboxing, obviously a mega fight in Europe. For people in the US, why should they buy Glory Collision, give me your best sales pitch?

Verhoeven: People in the US love to see stand up fighting, well it doesn’t get any better this. It is always exciting to see heavyweights square off and go at it. Every second there can be a knockout. So they have to tune and watch me defend my crown.

KP: Do you feel Badr has kind of blown many opportunities based on his history outside the ring?

Verhoeven: Of course with his talent he could have done great things, but some things are just destined not to happen.

KP: Why will December 10th, be the best night of “The King’s” career?

Verhoeven: That is the day that Rico puts kickboxing back on the map worldwide.