Video Interview – Rico Verhoeven: “I don’t think Badr will ever be ready for this match”

At GLORY 31 Amsterdam we spoke with Rico Verhoeven about some of the fights later on that evening and we also discussed his possible upcoming fight with Badr Hari.

KP: Tonight Robin van Roosmalen will take on Sittichai Sitsongpeenong, what do you think it’s going to be?

Rico: Yeah… hard question, of course I’m going with Robin but last time it also was a very close fight. I’m curious if Sittichai changed anything about his game plan since last time they fought and also if he’s able to go home with the W this time. Actually this counts the same for Robin.

KP: Do you think Sittichai has to adapt his fighting style to the Glory rules a little more this time?

Rico: Well if he wants to stay the champ for a while, I think its necessary for him to adapt. The other guys are all so all round, they can punch, kick move around etc… It’s the complete game you need to master.

KP: Tonight will also feature Hesdy Gerges vs. Ismael Londt, who already earned a title match with you, what if he loses tonight?

Rico: Well in that case, I don’t know if this match will still take place… In my opinion you need to come from some sort of win streak to challenge the champion.

KP: I agree, but he won a contender tournament which gives him the right to challenge the champ right?

Rico: True, but it’s going to take a while anyway because I’m currently negotiating about a new contract. That’s also the reason why I didn’t fought in Glory recently.  But, If the match with Badr Hari takes place the title bout will definitely be scheduled to a later date.

KP: Well, that’s also my next question, what’s the status momentarily, I heard Glory was negotiating with you and Badr is this correct?

Rico: Yeah, we’re well underway with it, we discussed different subjects already. On some terms we do agree and on some we don’t. If our managers are able to get everybody in the same direction, than the fight will take place.

KP: What about the location, you guys are both from Holland. Does a match in The Netherlands has your preference as well?

Rico: No, I don’t really mind if it’s in my gym or in the Amsterdam Arena, I don’t really care. But I think the venue has got to have seats for at least 40.000 people.

KP: Yeah I think so too. How long do you think Badr needs to be ready for this match? He already told the media he needs some time…

Rico: To be honest I don’t think he’ll ever be ready for this match. He has to get in some sort of shape which makes him feel comfortable to fight with me, I don’t know how long this is going to take for him.

KP: Thanks for the interview Rico.