Stanislav Renita from Moldova is one of the best King of Kings fighters. He debuted in Glory in Nice and lost on points to Petpanomrung Kitamookao. Renita won last fight on Saturday December 10th. We spoke to him about last victory, Glory fights and kickboxing in Moldova.

KP: Hello Stas! I want to congratulate on You las victory at first. Please tell us a little bit more about that fight.

Renita: Hello everybody and thanks for congratulations. I fought on King Of Kings vol. 42 event in my country, Moldova. I fought Tayro Muru from Italy and he is very good fighter. Muru was very strong and durable. He stands firmly on his feet and constantly moves forward. I countered him with my techniques and judges gave me victory. It was tough fight and I am very happy on this win in front of my countrymen.

KP: You has debuted on Glory recently and lost to Petpanomrung Kitamookao. Please tell me what lesson it was for You.

Renita: Yeah it was a very tough fight for me. I fought on Glory 35 Nice as You said and it was a great experience. I will learn on my mistakes and go forward. That fight proves that I am strong fighter who is able to compete with any fighter in the world. I tran very hard and I am not afraid of challenges. I want to fight on the highrst level and I want to be back in Glory.

KP: Kickboxing is popular in Moldova? I know Constantin Tutu is a star but how about You?

Renita: I do not consider myself as a kickboxing star in my country. I do what I love and that is all. Kickboxing in Moldova is on world highest level now and I am very happy to be part of it. There is many good guys like Tutu who are able to compete in King of Kings, Glory or Kunlun. People recognizes me on the street so I am thankful to FEA owners because this is their job also.

KP: FEA runs their MMA series. Would You consider transition to MMA or boxing?

Renita: Kickboxing is my life and I do not consider any transitions. I am not thinking about that now. I want to be successful kickboxer. There are many competitions and belts to win. I want to perform as best as I could in my fights and makes my country proud of me. I am fighting for Moldova and I hope, one day I will on the top of the sport.

KP: You fought for Glory but kickboxing is really strong in China. Did You receive any offer from Kunlun or WLF?

Renita: Not, but I am ready for any challenges. Like I said before, I can compete on the highest level and I will not turn down an offer from world’s top organizations. I do not mind to fight in China but first I need to receive a contract and the I can compete on their shows.

KP: What are the plans for 2017? Is there any news about return to Glory?

Renita: I can say I will fight on next King of Kings show at the beginning of 2017. I am a KOK champion and I am looking to defend this belt. Please follow me on Facebook to be updated will my fights, trainings and life as a kickboxer. Thank to all my supporters, family, friends, FEA Moldova and King of Kings.