Do You like Melvin Manhoef’s style? If yes You shold get to know about Maxim Vorovski. He was born in Estonia and he has very exciting style and big plans. He is one of the best east-european fighters nowdays and he is planning to get known worldwide. We spoke to Max about his trainings in Golden Glory gym, his popularity in Estonia and terminated Glory contract.

KP: Hello Maxim! Congrats on Your big win last weekend. Could You describe to us Your fight because it is unavaiable to watch all over Europe.

Vorovski: Hello to all fans. First of all thank you for congratulations! It was a tougth fight against Cheick Sidibe from France, who is 4 time Muay Thai world champion. Cheick is tall fighter, he is 188 cm tall, he has sharp knees, he comes forward all the time and willing to have war. He is tough to beat because he is changing stances all the time during the fight. We had a good preparation for this fight. I got control during the whole fight checking all of his knees, it was his major weapon, especcially against short fighter like me for this division . I am 179cm tall and it is not impressive height. I was countrering him with low kicks all the fight , trying to slow him down with body shots and controlling the distance with jab and footwork. At the end of the third round I landed a knee to the body and caught him with overhand right and he felt down really heavy just before the bell, but managed to get up, so I have a lot if respect for him.

KP: Please let us know how You get involved in martial arts and then in kickboxing?

Vorovski: I was inspired by movies with Jean Claude van Damme!. I wanted to throw spinning kicks like he does, so my parents sent me to taekwondo gym at the age of 8. Then I switched to Kyokushin at the age of 15. At the same time I had a passion for ring sports and I started to work on my boxing and after a while turned to K1, kickboxing at the age of 16. I saw for the first time K-1 world max back then and said to myself that I want to do, I want to be among the best fighters. I started to study world class fighters and saw legendary Ramon Dekkers, I felt in love with his spirit of fighting, the way he was chasing down his opponents with huge confidence, making his opponents get scared only because of his positioning in the ring! It was beautiful. After 6 years I became a member of the Golden Glory team for more than 3 years og training and living in Breda, Netherlands and I had pleasure to meet Ramon Dekkers! It was amazing to train with such fighters like: Dekkers, Gokhan Saki, Nieky Holzken, Errol Zimmerman, Robin van Roosmalen and many more. It made feel so energized and thankful to the lord for this blessing! Mr. Cor Hemmers and Mr.Ramon Dekkers and all the team made me a fighter who I am today! They introduced me to Dutch style kickboxing and I am very thankful for that and I will never forget that. After Golden Glory was over this gym changed their brand to the old name, Hemmers Gym. Mr. Hemmers becomes a great coach and I was still training there from time to time, because I came back home to my country Estonia and came back to Breda before upcoming fights.

KP: You are very entertaining fighter. In my opinion the best nickname for You is Estonian Melvin Manhoef. Could You tell me if do or die is Your gameplan for every fight?

Vorovski: (laughs) Thanks for the nickname! I have a huge respect for Melvin Manhoef, but I am Max Vorovski and I am trying to bring my own style to the ring, You describe it well, my style is do or die attitude. My ancestors are Cossacks. They were professional warrior caste in Russia since of beginning of our history.

KP: Muay Thai is a big thing in Estonia, my friend Bartosz Batra fought on Xplosion show and Estonia has guys like Kevin Renno. Am I correct? Kickboxing is not as popular as Muay Thai in Your country?

Vorovski: Kevin Renno is the first and best Muay Thai fighter our first european and world champion! But last few years K-1 became the largest and most popular
Fighting sport in our country!

KP: Who is Your favorite fighter?

Vorovski: I have a lot of favorite fighters: Ramon Dekkers, Gokhan Saki and Robin Van Roosmalen.

KP: Many kickboxers make transition to boxing or MMA. Have You ever considered to challange Yourself in that disciplines?

Vorovski: I really like boxing, I used to train a lot with boxers and boxing coach! But I do not want to change my discipline a have a passion and love for kickboxing! Only if I get good offer I will consider and probably accept it.

KP: You fought on KOK events, but You also fought guys like Robin van Roosmalen. What was a benefits from that fights for You?

Vorovski: I fought against Robin van Roosmalen in my pro debut. I lost on points but I fought with honor througth that test, I was refusing to loose till the end of the fight. I fought Dzhabar Askerov for four round but lost by split decision. It was really close decision and many opinions was different some people thought I won and there were some people thought I did not. Anyway I am really thankful to this fighters, I got unique experience and my respect! I had won Sahak Parpayan by unanomous decision controlling the whole fight for world title who holds win over Jason Willnis current Glory champion. After this fight I fought Igor Lyapin at KOK who was a current Grand Prix winner at that time! We had a big war I was dropped badly, I was flying all over the ring and then I found strength and KOed him. This fight won fight of the year award and this is more special to me than any belt, because I want that. My people were proud of me showing them heart and will to win. That we are better, die then give up!


KP: What are your plans for 2017?

Vorovski: I want to fight on the biggest shows in China. In my opinion they are closer to old K-1 traditions than any organization in the world. I have offers from Kunlun and WFL so I am negotiating. We will see what is going to happen.

KP: Feel free to thank someone You want

Vorovski: First of all I would love to thank my family for their support and belive in me, without them I would not be succesful on this path! I want to thank to all my opponents for the lessons they taught me! And I want to wish everybody that their families stay always happy and healthy! Thanks to all my fans and follow my career in social media. Oss.