Jason Wilnis: “I’ve always been a big fan of Mike Tyson”.


How did you get the nickname “Tyson”?

Because my way of boxing looks a lot like Mike Tyson’s style of fighting. They’ve changed my nickname in “psycho” few weeks ago, because everybody thinks, I look like a psycho during the Weigh-ins, or in a fight haha.

What’s your favourite walk out song?

I think one of the songs by Meek Mil or Future, I always use different songs for my walk out.

Do you have an idol in the fighting game, or in any other sport?

I’ve always been a big fan of Mike Tyson, further more I can’t think of anybody else… maybe basketball player, Lebron James.

How come Holland is so dominant in kickboxing world wide?

I think because there are a lot of good gyms and because there are a lot of events through out the year. Many years ago, some Dutch guys went to Thailand to learn from their techniques, back home they mixed muay thai up with professional boxing and karate. Eventually that’s how our own Dutch Style developed itself.

Dutch-Kickboxing-Weekend 2

You never participated during the glorious K-1 times in Japan, what’s your feeling about that?

I was lucky to fight at GLORY 4 Tokyo. It was an amazing experience for me, because the Japanese people are really treating you like a big star. I couldn’t make it in the K-1 because at that time, I was still an upcoming fighter, few years later the K-1 went bankrupt already.

Your brother Jahfarr Wilnis fights in the heavyweight division, have you ever considered gaining some weight, to fight in the same division as your brother?

Well I thought about going to Light Heavyweight a while ago, but I’ve still a lot to win in the Middelweight Division, so I think I’ll stay there for a while. Maybe when I’ve won everything I’ll change my mind, but at the moment I’m not thinking about a switch.

jahfarr wilnis

Jahfarr Wilnis.

Who wins during a sparring session you, or your brother?

haha sometimes I win and sometimes he wins, it changes all the time. Our sparring sessions are hard, but never mean, it’s always with love and respect towards each other.

What are your hobbies besides kickboxing?

I love playing on my Playstation, with my little nephews (the sons of Jahfarr), and I also like to watch football/soccer, basketball or listen to some music.


Most fighters are training at a gym in Amsterdam how come, you’re training at The Colosseum gym in Utrecht?

Because I lived my whole life in Utrecht and because it’s just the best gym of the city. Nowadays it’s also one of the best Dutch gyms in my opinion, so I don’t have to relocate to Amsterdam.

Could you give some names, of famous fighters who have trained at The Colosseum gym, or who are still training over there?

Peter Aerts, Andy Ristie, Mosab Amrani, Rico Verhoeven, Brian Douwes, Fred Sikking and a lot of others. Not everybody represents the Colosseum gym, but a lot of guys are stopping by, to do some sparring sessions or regular training sessions.

the colosseum utrecht gym of the month glory

Colosseum Gym, including Peter Aerts.

Which part of your training do you like the most?

Pads training, Bag training and sparring.

How do you stay motivated when you practice kickboxing every day?

I’ve never worked in my entire life, I didn’t finish school, everything I’ve tried failed. I always wanted to be somebody in this life and now I have to chance to make my dream a reality. I always wanted to become a world champion. It motivates me everyday that people around the world, love to see me fight. I travel to every corner of the world for my sport, which is awesome. Now I’m happy to show my parents, that I’ve became somebody.


What is your best fight till so far?

Pfff no idea, I think that I haven’t fought the perfect fight yet, I’m always criticizing myself. Back in the days when I fought in B-class, I had a close fight where I had to give my all, that was certainly a nice one, or when I had to replace somebody, to suddenly fight for the I’ts Showtime World Title. I also fought a great match at GLORY 4 Tokyo, against Toshio Matsumoto.

What is your favourite technique or combo during a fight?

I love to throw hooks, uppercuts and low kicks.

GLORY World Series:

At GLORY 20 Dubai you’re going to fight Alex Pereira for the second time in your career. In 2014, Pereira won the GLORY 14 Middleweight Contender Tournament, what do you think of you opponent and how do you think, the fight is going to end on April 3rd?

I think Pereira is a very hard fighter and I thought it was an amazing performance of him, to win the GLORY 14 Middleweight Tournament, but in Dubai I’m going to win, just because I consider myself a better fighter.

At GLORY 18 Oklahoma, you showed the world some true Dutch Style Kickboxing. Is it hard to fight a guy like Wayne Barrett, who has a different fighting style/background?

Yeah this was a good fight, I was just chasing him down into a corner and scored with my low kicks. Wayne Barrett is a good counter fighter, who moves a lot. My tactic was to move around and distract him with low kicks to finish it up, with some combinations. If you immediately start with a combo, he will counter you out.


What are your goals for 2015/2016?

To win more fights, become a bigger name in the sport and maybe I’m going to try some MMA one day.

Which fighter would you still love to fight in the future? If you want to challenge someone, go ahead!

Artem Levin, because he is the champ right now and because I lost to him earlier.


Do you have a message for Kickboxingplanet?

Keep on following me!!


Do you have a message for your fans?

I hope you guys enjoyed the interview. I try to keep everybody entertained with my performances in the future. Hopefully I’m going to fight a lot more, in the upcoming months. I promise to get better every fight, I’m still young and I will never stop learning. You haven’t seen the best Jason Wilnis yet!!