K-1 Global has announced their under 85 kg division tournament with best European rising stars. Radoslaw Paczuski from Poland is one of them, DSF Kickboxing Challenge champion will try to gain the crown and we want to get You know something about him. Please let meet Radoslaw Paczuski.

KB: Hi Radek! Tell us first how You get involved in martial arts?

Paczuski: Hello kickboxing fans all around the world. I started to do some boxing when I was 15 years old. I did some football and I wanted to be more flexible an that was the reason why I started boxing. I have about 30 fight in amateur boxing and I have reached medal in Polish boxing Cup. I started in Warsaw and we did not have good facility. I remember that there were snow on the floor when was cold outside. I think good fighters are made from that conditions and You need to be motivated to achieve success and the You will do it.

KB: You have started fast in kickboxing and You have succeed in this sport. Why did You want to compete so fast?

Paczuski: I have some achievements in international competitions. My biggest success is IFMA Muay Thai v-ce championship. I meet Dimitry Valent in the finals but I fought with injury. I am also K-1 Global amateur world champion. I fought on King of Kings events. I fought Constantin Tutu and Artur Kyshenko, one of the best kickboxers in the World. I lost but it was a good experience for me and that losses made me better fighter.

KB: You are DSF Kickboxing Challenge champion. Do You think this organization has chance to be one of the best in Europe?

Paczuski: Of course! DSF has deal with Polish TV, so everything is going in right direction. Matchmakers do outstanding job contracting one of the best fighters in Europe. We fight in international matches so I think the future is bright. In Poland MMA has bigger popularity but kickboxing has great history. We had Marek Piotrowski, kickboxing superstar from 90’ and we want to revive this sport in our country. I think DSF is able to be one of the best kickboxing organizations in Europe among: KOK, Superkombat, Oktagon and Fight Exclusive Night.

KB: You have competed in boxing, Muay Thai and K-1. Do You consider to box as a pro, kickbox as a pro and do some MMA like Tyrone Spong?

Paczuski: Spong is a great athlete and everybody dreams about career like his. I want to notice that I have some achievements in BJJ. I train boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai everyday. I run every day and sometimes I train BJJ. Kickboxing is my focus right now, I have DSF Kickboxing Challenge title and fight scheduled in K-1 Global 85 kg tournament. My focus in on kickboxing right now but only God knows what future brings.

KB: Do You know anything about Your opponents?

Paczuski: Agron Preteni is going to be my first opponent in the tournament. I know that he has dropped weight because he fought in 95 or 91 kg divisions in the past. I think he is good fighter. I have not fought anybody from the brackets on IFMA or WAKO tournaments.