Kunlun Fight have a had a good few western fighters participating on their events in 2016, especially kickboxers with current or past affiliation with Enfusion Live. One of those being Dutch-Moroccan kickboxer, Mohamed Mezouari who, will fight Dzianis Zuev in a reserve bout for the Kunlun World Max on January 1, 2017 in Shanya, China.

Before flying out from Amsterdam airport of China, Mezouari spoke about his forthcoming clash with Zuev who, had won the inaugural Kunlun Max in 2014, and his experiences of fighting for Kunlun Fight on multiple occasions in Southeast Asia this year.

“I expect from him he will give everything and that he train hard. That we going to make a good fight. I’ve seen him fight. He’s a good fighter; smart; technical; good. It’s good opportunity for me.”

The matchup with Zeuv is indeed a ‘good opportunity’ for Mezouari who, could have have been one of the four semi-finalists on new year’s day, had he not been hospitalised in China during fight week of his scheduled quarter-final with, former GLORY Kickboxing champion, Davit Kiria at Kunlun Fight 54.

“I ate something wrong. I went outside, I went to eat something. So I eat something and it went to my stomach, my stomach hurt. So, I was 72 kilo. I must lost another 2 kilos so I went to the Turkish sauna. I went there and one time [my] lights went out. My stomach hurt, I couldn’t go to the toilet, nothing. So in the evening  it hurt on my stomach on both sides so, the next day I couldn’t stand up. So they take me to the hospital, they do a couple of research but luckily they found nothing. So they gave me antibiotics. Now I’m feeling alright.”


Photo credit: Yoshinori Ihara via boutreview.com

“I  went to the Doctor in the Netherlands for a check and they said: You’re alright. Take a week rest, eat good, sleep good and then you’ll be the same.”

Although, Mezouari hasn’t fought in the last four months as a result of the above incident, his year of activity in Kunlun looks something like this:

2016 Kunlun Fight results for Mezouari:

  • Mohamed Mezouari def. David Ruiz by Rd2 KO, 70kg
    • Kunlun Fight 49 / Rebels 45 – For the BLADE 70kg championship
  • Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong def. Mohamed Mezouari via split decision (extra round)
    • Kunlun Fight 43 – 70kg World Max Group i Tournament Final
  • Mohamed Mezouari def. Yussef Boulahtari by Rd1 TKO
    • Kunlun Fight 43 – 70kg World Max Group i Semi-final

Overall, Mezouari was very positive about not only his own experiences fighting for Kunlun but optimistic about renewing his contract with the Chinese promotion who, he believes will continue to develop ‘like the K-1 in the old days’; and fighting at a new weight class of 75kg in the future too.

“Kunlun Fight is now one of the biggest organisations in the world. That’s for me a really, really pleasure to fight for them. They respect me, we respect them. We’re like family with the Kunlun.”

“This is my last fight on 70 kilo, gonna go a weight up. So, we going to fight and my trainers go and negotiate the Kunlun so we see. When I prepared for m last fight, I only prepared to cut weight not to be better and I lose power, I lose condition, I lose everything.”


Kunlun World Max 2016

“I think I’m going to  win, its going to be a hard fight. He’s technical, I’m technical. So we gonna see who is the more technical on that day.

The Kunlun World Max semi-finals are: Superbon Banchamek vs. Cedric Manhoef and Davit Kiria vs. Jomthong Chuwattana (click here to read more). Although there is a second reserve bout tomorrow in, Arthit vs. Khatal Dzhaniev if any bad luck and injuries prevent the other contestants from fighting more than once tomorrow in Sanya then fortune could favour Mezouari as a very late replacement in the final. However, he has to overcome the former Kunlun Max champion, Zeuv, first and foremost.

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