Polish best female kickboxer, Roza Gumienna is going to face Martina Jendrichova for the first ever Fight Exclusive Night female kickboxing title. We spoke to Roza about her trainings in Puncher Wroclaw, her education and many various topics. We want to introduce to You Roza Gumienna.

KP: Hello! First tell me how did You get involved in martial arts.

Gumienna: Hello everybody! When I was a kid my parents enrolled me on karate and that is how all have started. I had practiced karate for eight yeats. Then I realised that kicks and punches to the body is not going to make me all-around fighter. I started to get interested in boxing and I had some boxing fights. Then I went on kickboxing training and I felt in love with that sport. I started with K-1 and I am K-1 fighter now.

KB: Nice story. If that means You preferred fights than playing with dolls as a kid?

Gumienna: (laughs) No, I was playing with dolls as a kid. My dad loves me so much and You can say that I am daddy’s doughter. He introduced me to martial arts and he is responsible in some way for my fighting career. I love competition but it does not mean that I did not play with dolls.

KP: When did You start to compete?

Gumienna: When I was 12 I stepped on tatame for the very first time and I was quite good amateur karate fighter. I have many successes on national-level competition. I started to win fights on international level when I have moved to Wroclaw. I was national boxing champion and then I enrolled on kickboxing where I won some big tournaments.

KP: You train in Puncher Wroclaw team. Have You started Your kickboxing career in this team led by Janusz Janowski?

Gumienna: No, I started in Fighter Wroclaw with Tomasz Skrzypek as a trainer. I have trained there for four years and then I moved to Puncher Wroclaw. I did not have a fight with my former trainer. We are in good relations but I am not part of Fighter Wroclaw team.

KP: Female kickboxing is not quite popular. Do You feel You can promote yourself in Poland or outside Your country?

Gumienna: Yeah, female kickboxing does not have attention it deserves. Everything going in good direction. Glory crowned their first ever female kickboxing champion and there is a more fights for women year after year all over the world. I hope one day I will able to compete on the highest level like: Glory, W5, King of Kings, Superkombat or Enfusion. I am able to compete under 61 kgs division so we will see what future brings.

KP: UFC champion, Joanna Jedrzejczyk is the most popular fighter in Poland today. Did You ever consider transition to MMA?

Gumienna: I am focused on kickboxing right now so I am not going to make transition to MMA. I have fight scheduled. I am fighting Martina Jendrichova for FEN title on FEN 15 in Lubin, Poland. Then I want to participate in World Games 2017 in Wroclaw so I have a plans for this year. I need to admit that I have participated in some BJJ trainings but I have broke my arm and I had to stop it. I want to achieve many titles in kickboxing so I do not think about MMA so far.

KP: Fight Exclusive Night has broadcast deal with nation-wide Polish TV. Does it affects on Your popularity?

Gumienna: Sometimes people recognizes me, especially in a gym. It is not often but it always kind if someone congratulate me on fights etc.

KP: Do You have any other hobbies besides martial arts?

Gumienna: I like water sports but I could not find time to do it. I am studying and I have a little leisure time. I am focused on my fighting and science career but I like to read a books. I think I will be able to focus on my passions when I will retire from kickboxing.

KP: Do You know what will You do on retirement?

Gumienna: I hope I will work on university. I am studying and I have master of sports degree. I know Professional fighting is only the part of the life and when You get old You can not continue Your sports career. I want to be sure that I will do something when I will finish fighting career.