One of the best Ukrainian kickboxers, former GLORY featherweight champion and current number 2 in the featherweight ranking, Serhiy Adamchuk gave an exclusive interview to Kickboxingplanet on his plans for the nearest future.

About the upcoming Featherweight contender tournament at GLORY 39

Adamchuk: I would be very glad if promoters give me a chance to take part in it. Mike knows  all the details. My business is to keep myself in a good shape.

About a possible fight with Robin van Roosmalen:

Adamchuk: I am happy to be in the top of GLORY featherweight ranking, but I want to do everything properly. First the contender tournament, only after fight that I will fight for the belt. Van Roosmalen is a top class old school fighter. I would appreciate the possibility to fight him.

About the Chikadze statements:

Adamchuk: There is a four man contender tournament, fixed regulations, where fighters decide who is the best and where the winner will get a title shot after. Sometimes promoters make exceptions, such as in my title fight with Varga after two victories against Grigorian and Boynazarov. I am thankful for that, though this time I will fight the contender tournament first.

Making exceptions won’t always be as interesting for the audience to watch. Everybody wants a shot at the title in the end. Presently we see such a trend in the UFC and Pro boxing, where many guys say “I am ready, I want to fight for the belt”. But in my opinion everybody should just follow the rules.

About his future plans:

Adamchuk: I want to get back to fighting after my little break. Presently I am in the Ukraine for a while. I’m planning on celebrating my birthday over here for the first time in years. In the middle of February I will be back in the Netherlands to start an intensive preparation. It’s going to be interesting. In the end of February Cedric Manhoef will fight Yodsanklay Fairtex and Murtel Groenhart will fight with Thongchai on GLORY 38. I will help these guys in their preparations. We are going to concentrate on sparring during our training sessions.