We would like to introduce to you Fight Exclusive Night under 95 kg division champion, Tomasz Sarara. Ernesto Hoost’s fighter is one of the best kickboxers in the Europe nowdays and he started his pro boxing career recently. We spoke to Tomasz about last fight, boxing debut and future plans.

KB: Hello Tomasz! You have won FEN championship title. You has defeated Dennis Stolzenbach on FEN 14 in Katowice, Poland. Do You think that was the biggest challenge in Your career?

Sarara: For sure one of the biggest. My opponent dictated high pace and I ned to get comfortable with that. It was championship fight, five round and I knew that I need to stand that pace and be better in whole fight to become first ever FEN under 95 kg division kickboxing champion. I was fighting not only with my opponent but also with shin injury. That’s why I withdrew from K-1 Global under 95 kg tournament in Belgrade. I know that the fight was not very good for me I made some mistakes, but I won and become FEN champion.

KB: Like You said You have fought for five rounds. Do You think that was an additional challenge?

Sarara: Of course it was. I was prepared for that like my opponent was too. I know that the fight could last 15 minutes long with possible extra round. I think it is good because if You want to be a champion You need to be perfectly prepared for that. I had great training camp, Ernesto Hoost in my corner and I knew that I can fight for this distance. FEN made a good decision because Glory has five rounds title matches so this is becoming a standard for professional kickboxing organizations.

KB: You have won by points. Did You have any chance to finish German kickboxer?

Sarara: If You want to have chance to finish the fight You have to work for it. Somebody said: there are no durable fighters, there are only hit in wrong place. I think I did not punch many clean punches. I had some good punches and kicks but Dennis was very tough and he was a good opponent. Great fighter worth to be in title match.

KB: You have made Your boxing debut recently. Do You consider transition exclusively to boxing?

Sarara: I am kickboxer for 20 years so I am interested in kickboxing career. I wanted to challenge myself and do some pro boxing fights. You know that I have participated in Bigger’s Better tournaments it was tournament series for kickboxers organized by WKN on boxing rules with backfist allowed. I won one of their tournaments in Poland so there were a offer and I accepted it. I won my first boxing match via knockout and I have an offer for January and I accepted it. Kickboxing is my priority but pro boxing is a new challenge for me and I want to box a little.